3 Things You Need To Know About ADHD Evaluations And Treatment Options

No one wants to be told there is something wrong with their child - whether it be a physical condition or a learning disability. When you are told that your child needs to be evaluated for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), you may feel scared and even confused. That is only natural. After all, you likely don't know how the evaluation will be done or what an ADHD diagnosis can mean for your child. Read More 

Reducing Risks To The Heart When The Heating System Goes Out In The Home

A failed heater in the home brings forth far greater problems than merely being uncomfortable. For those who suffer from coronary-artery disease, cold weather brings forth extremely dangerous health hazards. While nothing substitutes proper medical treatment at an urgent care center or an emergency room, taking a few critical steps when a home heating system fails could preserve your well being. Cold Weather and the Arteries Cold weather is never good for the human heart. Read More