3 Amenities You Should Ask About At Your Clinic

Many clinics offer amenities that help ensure that patients continue coming back because these amenities make their experience great. If you hear about amenities at a clinic nearby, but you don't want to switch your doctor, talk to your clinic to see if they have these same amenities.  You just may not know about them yet.

1. They'll Send Your Prescription to Your Pharmacy of Choice

One of the most frustrating things about getting you medication is that you have to wait for thirty to forty minutes at some pharmacies before it is filled. In order to avoid this frustration, consider talking to your doctor or clinic and asking them to send your prescription directly to the pharmacy for you. Many doctors would be happy to do this because it is becoming a standard practice, as well as because it saves the clinic paper and ensures that you won't lose the script. 

If they won't send your prescription to the pharmacy that you want, another option is to ask them to send it to the in-house pharmacy for your first dosage, and then give you a script for any refills. The advantage of them sending it to an in-house pharmacy is that, by the time you finish filling out your paperwork to check out of the clinic, your prescription will likely be filled. You might even be able to get discounts since you've seen a doctor from that clinic. You'll want to get a script for your refills so that you'll be able to fill them at a pharmacy that's closer to you.

2. They Have Online Versions Of Your Medical History

Many more hospitals are now taking notes on tablets or computers and uploading that information to a secure cloud so that it can be accessed anywhere by a person with the proper credentials. Patients will even be able to review exactly what they told the doctor about their medical histories, print out their medical histories, and give it to any specialists that might be outside their current clinical system. This saves patients a lot of time recounting details that they may have told a variety of doctors several times, which allows more of a focus on quality health care.

3. Childcare

If you're going to visit a loved one at the hospital, many clinics that are attached to that hospital offer childcare services so that you can enjoy time alone with your loved one and not have to worry about a child accidentally pulling out an IV.

For more information, talk to your clinic.