Why You Should Seek Medical Help If You Have Heat Exhaustion

If you spent a day at the beach in the hot sunshine and are now feeling really miserable, there is a chance you may have heat exhaustion. This is a condition that can occur from being in the sun for too long, and it can be dangerous. If you have a high fever, muscle cramps, dizziness, and nausea, you may want to have someone take you to an urgent care center for help. Here are three things you should understand about heat exhaustion.

What is heat exhaustion?

Heat exhaustion is a health condition that is caused by your body's inability to cool itself down. Normally, a person's body will sweat to help regulate the person's body temperature. If this does not happen properly, the person's body temperature will increase, and this will lead to the symptoms mentioned above.

This is a condition that can occur simply from being outside too long, but it is more likely to occur if you are exercising outside, drinking alcohol, or not drinking enough water.

Is this condition dangerous?

Heat exhaustion is a fairly common condition and can be treated relatively easily, but it is vital to treat it quickly. If a person has heat exhaustion and does not take the proper steps to treat it, it can turn into a heat stroke. A heat stroke can damage a person's internal organs, and it can even cause death if left unaddressed.

For heat exhaustion to turn into a heat stroke, the person's internal body temperature must reach 104-degrees F. At this point, the person will need help from a medical professional, like Alaska Urgent Care LLC.

How is heat exhaustion treated?

If you feel you have heat exhaustion, rushing to an urgent care clinic is a good step, because the professionals there will know what to do. They may begin by placing cool rags on your body. Next, they may attach an IV to your vein to give you fluids, and this is because dehydration commonly accompanies heat exhaustion.

The doctors will try to do everything possible to get your fever to drop. If they can do this, you will feel better and be able to prevent a heat stroke from occurring.

Heat exhaustion is a serious condition if it is not addressed and treated quickly. If you believe that you are suffering from this, you should seek professional help soon if you cannot get your fever to drop on your own.